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With our current shipping promotion, freight is no longer an issue as you will receive nearly FREE, FREE, or better than FREE shipping on your full/complete drill order

Ex: If Regular Shipping Cost on 70 - VW11FC was $115, you will receive an additional 1 - VW11FC at no charge - value of $115. Therefore your shipping cost is FREE!

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  • Place your order today for guaranteed pricing and delivery. In the USA call 1.406.460.3810.
  • We will make every effort to have your product shipped out same day delivery on orders taken prior to 10AM.
  • Call a day or more ahead for pickup orders, so we can have your products ready for you when you arrive. Note: Buyer takes possession of property at point of sale.

Note: Customer is welcome to choose carrier/shipper of their choice and assumes any risk/liability during shipment (delay's, losses, force majeure, damages, etc.). The purchaser may incur greater purchase costs depending on the shipping carrier utilized.