Seed rate: it’s all about location

Seed rate: it’s all about location

Planting seeds in the right location is critical for fast and even crop emergence to get the best yield at the lowest cost. The key? Know your seeding rate—the right distance between rows and between seeds for fast maturity.

Overcrowding causes too much competition, too dense a crop and a lower yield. Higher seeding rates are fine if you can control moisture.

Think of it this way: when a gardener plants carrot seeds and they begin to emerge with their hairlike tops, he thins to approximately 10 plants per foot. If he does this, he can soon fill his truck.

If he doesn’t thin his carrot crop, it will be overcrowded and and will result in poor density.

Similarly when planting crops, by seeding in paired rows with the right distance between them, just like the gardener, you are creating optimum growing conditions. If you seed too far apart, that means wasted space and resources.