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Product Reviews From Farmers Like You.

Cost Per Acre Value Of These Points Is Heads And Tails Above Any Non-Carbide Product ~ D Cole, Chester, Montana
“This is in north central Montana, just 50 miles south of the Canadian border. We’ve used the VW7C carbide point from VW Manufacturing, Ltd. for a few years now and have approximately 18,000 acres on these points. Over the past couple of seasons, we have had some very dry, hard soil conditions to seed fall winter wheat into, but have been able to keep a very consistent depth on our Flexicoil drill. The wear and penetrating ability of these points is outstanding-can easily see another 10,000 to 15,000 acres on these points! The cost per acre value of these points is heads and tails above any non-carbide product, and I would recommend any VW Manufacturing Ltd. product to fellow producers”

Very Impressed With The Point’s Ability To Penetrate And Keep A Consistent Depth And Seed Placement Pattern ~ Alan Skari, Chester, Montana
“I started using the VW8C carbide tip from VW Manufacturing, Ltd. I have been consistently getting 6,000-7,000 acres in the wheel tracks, and about double that on the wings of my Flexicoil drills. My farm in north-central Montana has moderately abrasive soils, and the past few years have presented some dry and hard conditions during fall seeding. I am very impressed with the point’s ability to penetrate and keep a consistent depth and seed placement pattern even in these tough conditions. I have also tried the new VW10FC full carbide point in my wheel tracks, and am very impressed. I am seriously considering a change to these points when it is time.”

I Find That Emergence And Germination Are Excellent! ~ Eliot Haynie, Vida, Montana
“My farm is located near the town of Wolfpoint. The total acreage of my farm is 3,100 acres. I have seeded 2,900 acres this year to winter wheat, spring wheat and peas. My land is glaciated vida-zahill complex with 2 to 8 percent slopes with a mixture of zahill loam with 8 to 15 percent slopes. I have used the VW10FC carbide points and find that the emergence and germination are excellent. I find the VW10FC wear very well due to the carbide on the tip and leading edges of the wings in our abrasive soils. The service from VW Manufacturing has been great.”

I Truly Recommend These Openers To All Farmers. It Is Money Well Spent! ~ Dennis Ericson, Vida, Montana
“I started using VW Manufacturing Ltd. openers in the spring of 2001. These openers had carbide only on the nose for consistent penetration, which they definitely achieved. They worked quite well in comparison to the openers I had previously been using. In 2004 I upgraded to Vic’s VW8C openers with carbide on the nose and wings. The openers I mounted to the drill in the tractor tracks area are still on the drill to date (2007). They have seeded approximately 21,000 acres. We now use VW Manufacturing’s VW10FC openers with carbide on the sides of the wings, instead of the bottom. I expect these openers will last even longer than Vic’s previous openers. It has been a pleasure to get to know and work with Vic. I truly recommend these openers to all farmers. It is money well spent.”

They Are Extremely Durable And Work Very Well In Our Rocky Abrasive Soil. Thank You Mate! ~ Chris Dohnt, Adelaide, Australia.
“Very happy to receive my VWHC1 Harmon drill points from VW Manufacturing. They are extremely durable and work very well in our rocky abrasive soil. Looks like will last many years. Thank you mate.”

VW Carbide Points Far Surpass Any Competitors Product We Have Tried ~ Roger Bendickson, Bendickson Farms, Garrison, ND
“We have been using VW products for several years now. Wear life of VW Carbide points far surpass any competitors product we have tried. We are using points to apply fertilizer as well as seeding operations. Extremely impressed with virtually non existent breakage or loss of carbide over the years. I would and I do recommend VW products to all producers.”

The Emergence Of The Crop Seeded With The VW Product, In A Field Next To A Competitors Product, Was Unbelievable! ~ Colony from Glacier County, MT
“We purchased a set of the VW11FCC Full Carbide drill points and put on our drill this last year, and were amazed at what we found after seeding our first spring crop with them. The emergence of the crop seeded with the VW product, in a field next to a competitors product, was unbelievable. The competitors seeding was later emerging and uneven. There was no comparison in the stand and healthiness of the plant. There is no doubt we will be using more VW products in the future. I would recommend to anyone.”

We Recommend The VW Product To Anyone Looking For Great Wear And Value In Their Drill Points ~ Leonard Schock, Vida, MT
“I am very impressed with the wear on our VW12FCC drill points from VW Manufacturing. We put nearly 40,000 acres on this set of points, and could have gotten another season, but decided to switch them out for another new set. We recommend the VW product to anyone looking for great wear and value in their drill points.”