How to Get Higher Returns Per Acre

How to Get Higher Returns Per Acre

Do you want to increase your returns per acre? How about improve your germination and make sure that you have uniform emergence each new season

VW Manufacturing is dedicated to helping farmers achieve these goals. We have the best drill points for air drills in the industry. We are committed to providing excellent service for individuals in the agriculture industry. Our business is about helping your farm business by providing only the reliable carbide tips that have met manufactured ISO 9002 standards.

What difference does your drill point make?

The type of carbide drill point that you use makes all of the difference!

The carbide drill points provided by VW manufacturing are the top choice in the agriculture industry for a good reason. Our drill points always maintain their width and do not “narrow” over time.

You can also easily place fertilizer in the correct location using our carbide drill points.

Use a better carbide drill point and save your money!

At VW manufacturing we are growers just like you! For this reason we do whatever we can to assure that our customers get the best value for their hard earned dollar. This is the number one reason why we have become a leading industry name. Farmers look to us for quality drill points that are fairly priced. However, the real value you get when you choose VW manufacturing’s carbide Drill bits is the money that you save on replacement as well as increased productivity and better crops!

Unlike lower quality drill bits, our carbide drill points cost less per acre! They also last for more seasons than any other drill manufacture.

To find out more about getting higher returns per acre with Carbide Drill Points contact VW manufacturing today!