Carbide tips for openers FAQ

1. What product will fit my unit?

Compatible equipment is listed for each product on the individual products pages on our website. Check out our YouTube clips to determine which product will meet the requirements of your specific Air Drill (John Deere, Case IH, Harmon, Flexicoil, Bourgault, Morris, etc.)

2. What is the width?

Always refer to the width as the widest point at the back of the drill point.

3. What is the spread?

The spread on the underside is always less than the widest part of the drill point. Our drill points range from 3/4 of an inch to 4 inches.

4. What is the warranty?

All of our products are warrantied for materials and workmanship defects for a one-year standard warranty. The warranty may void due to abrasive soils, rock damage, installation damage or other factors.

All castings conform to ISO 9002 quality standards.

We stand behind our products. Find out more about our warranty.

5. What is our shipping policy?

VW Manufacturing currently offers nearly FREE, FREE, or better than FREE shipping promotion on full/complete drill orders. Please contact us to guarantee pricing and take advantage of this promotion.

6. Do you build custom products?

We build and design products based on demand from you, the customer. Call today with your upcoming requirements so we can channel our products to supply your future needs.

We perform repair and warranty work from June 1 To December 1.

7. Ordering Early?

The Days of manufacturers and suppliers having large supplies of speculation inventory are over. Secure your order today with a minimum 25% down payment to have your products in place for Spring.

8. What are the best conditions for seeding my crop?

Your drill points will scour and shine up in ideal seeding conditions. Note: the surface of your ground can be dry, however, underneath may still be often times termed ‘Muddy Conditions’. VW Manufacturing does not recommend seeding in muddy conditions.