VW11FCB ( Bourgault )

Carbide: Full carbide, front & sides
Specification: 3 1/4 ” wide at back 2 3/4″ spread
Compatible Equipment: Fits Bourgault.
Features & Benefits : Wears from side and bottom, has seed deflector on bottom at back

VW12FCB ( Bourgault )

Carbide: Full carbide, front & sides.
2 1/4″ at the back, 1 3/4″ spread.
Compatible Equipment:
Fits opener.
Features & Benefits:
Carbide front & sides protect the high wear area.


VW13FCB ( Bourgault )

Carbide: 2 main front carbides and carbide on sides.
Specification: 1 1/2 ” wide at back, 1 1/8″ spread.
Compatible Equipment: Fits Bourgault.
Features & Benefits : Wears from side and bottom; some producers are choosing this drill point to use instead of the VW7CB, giving a slightly wider seed spread.



Carbide: Large main front carbide
Specification: 3/4″ wide
Compatible Equipment: Universal weld-on replacement point can be used to re-carbide almost all weld-on points


Carbide: 2 carbides on front
Compatible Equipment: Fits Bourgault KNH599 and the KNH600 fertilizer knives


Carbide: Large carbide
Specifications: Small Harmon point
Compatible Equipment: Fits Harmon. Has split pin attachment.


Carbide: Large carbide
Specifications: Large Harmon point
Compatible Equipment: Fits Harmon. Bolt head and nut are recessed


Carbide: Extra-heavy carbide for extended wear
Specifications: Two carbides
Compatible Equipment: Fits John Deere strip till
Features & Benefits: Used for placing fertilizer deep below the corn rows


Carbide: 2 large front carbides
Compatible Equipment: Fits Morris double shoot